A popular burrito place wants to charge you extra for meat. We know this. However I basically don’t get anything else on my burrito and get charged the same so I’m not happy about this.

I get a tiny bit of rice (tiny, like a teaspoon), a teaspoon of beans. Normal scoop of meat (which they usually short me on because otherwise it looks like too much meat to bean and rice ratio), then just cheese and sour cream.

They charge me the full amount for a burrito half (and sometimes) a third the size of my friends.

So I started asking for all the other ingredients on the side. My small portion of beans on the burittio, the rest on another foil sheet. Same for beans, then the salsa, veggies, etc are all on the other foil too. Then at the register I tell them I don’t want all that extra stuff and they can throw it away.

I’m not allowed back at that burrito place anymore.


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