2nd Class Friend

Today Facebook gave me one of those “you’ve been friends with [Julie] for 5 years” video montages.

Julie also got the video and decided to share it with me in Facebook messenger telling how amazing of a friendship we have.

I responded “If I’m so amazing of a friend why didn’t you share it on your wall like you did with your montages of you and your other friends?”

…after a few hours with no response and I noticed she unfriended me.

I guess when your an Ass On A Toilet, even friends don’t want to deal with your shit.

Work 2nd Floor Bathroom | Houston, TX


Applauding Science and Courage

Am I the only one that is grateful that automatic flushing toilets don’t automatically flush as often as they use to?

Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I had to leap into the air to avoid my bottom being splashed with dirty water because the electronic sensor activated after I ever-so-slightly shifted my body.

I applaud the engineers that fixed this.  I also applaud the person who had the courage to bring this to their attention. #MakingThisWorldABetterPlace

Chain Coffee Shop | Houston, TX